Why C.O.R. Filtration

Fast Return
on Investment (ROI)

  • Better self-cleaning performance, down to 10 micron.
  • High Filtration performance (Exceptional in Biology reduction).
  • Optimized footprint Reduced weight.
  • Great reduction in backwash water that must be stored or disposed.
  • Fewer maintenance operations in remote sites, including offshore rigs and FPSOs.
  • Lower pressure - Lower energy

Better Return on
Environment (ROE)

Compact, reliable and nearly maintenance-free, C.O.R. Filtration filters engage a self-cleaning process when a target pressure differential is reached. That is only part of the environmental and operational benefits, which also include:

  • No cartridges to stock, handle, replace and dispose off.
  • No chemicals.
  • 75 % less back flush water than sand media systems.
  • A bare minimum of power demand - just enough to operate a fractional-horsepower motor to drive the revolving suction scanner.
  • Saving on energy consumption - Operating the filters on lower differential pressure.
  • Reduced wear on seals and bearings of injection pumps.
  • High membrane  protection efficiency (Biology - Integrity).

Reliable Design
& Construction

C.O.R Filtration is highly specialized to serve the Oil & Gas Industry and contributes to solve its water challenges. As such C.O.R. Filtration design fully considers customer restrictions such as redundancy required or foot-print constraints. C.O.R. Filtration gained experience as a global provider to engineer and manufacture according to the oil industry international codes, standards and certifications, as well as to meet essential design requirements and local operating conceptions around the world. C.O.R. Filtration's automatic self-cleaning filters can be tailored to nearly any project with the ideal materials, welding, coatings and controls: from Carbon Steel ,Stainless Steel to Super Duplex and SMO 254, C.O.R. Filtration filters can be built to any specification - and are engineered to last for years in the toughest conditions.