Suction-Scanning Technology

Suction-Scanning Technology

Fast, Efficient Self-Cleaning Technology for Continuous Flow of Filtered Water.

C.O.R. Filtration is a water filtration manufacturer offer this unique cleaning technology to the Oil & Gas market. The design and production of self-cleaning filters with fine and large micron filtration area that were previously unattainable. Suction-scanning technology combines focused flush with automation to provide 100% cleaning of the screen area.

This technology has established C.O.R. Filtration as a global chosen supplier in providing water filtration solutions to the Oil & Gas industry.

C.O.R. Filtration's engineering team produce the optimal combination of material strength; filtration efficiency and cleaning ability by combining selected ratios of screen weave type and patterns, resulting in a high efficiency of filtration. This sophisticated screen assembly allows the accumulating filter cake to be rapidly and totally removed.

This is the lowest ratio of process to exhaust water of all competing automated self-cleaning methods. (This ratio can vary depending on specific application conditions).

The self-cleaning cycle is triggered by the accumulation of suspended solids (filter cake) on the screen surface, as measured by the pressure differential transmitter. Therefore, cleaning is performed "as needed" - resulting in minimal water and energy waste. Suction-scanning technology eliminates the need for isolating the filter during the self-cleaning cycle. This focused cleaning and the flush water requirement allow for uninterrupted process flow.



  • Unique technology with self-cleaning screen and fine micron rating down to 10 micron.
  • Efficient cleaning system at fine micron rating with unique Spring Loaded Nozzles technology.
  • Minimal footprint.
  • Continuous filtration during cleaning (process not interrupted).
  • Less than 1% of flow used for self-cleaning process
  • World-wide proven technology