Brush Technology

Brush Technology - Automatic Self Cleaning Filter

Heavy duty, built in, automatic, self-cleaning brush technology.
This filter is designed for heavy duty applications (high loads i.e. Krill Blooms) to protect downstream fine filtration systems.

The cleaning process

During filtration water flows though the cylindrical screen of the strainer from the inside out. Debris collected on the inner surface of the screen form a "filter cake" that causes a pressure drop across the screen. When this pressure differential reaches a preset value, it is detected by the filter control system and the self-cleaning process automatically starts.
A specially designed exhaust valve, opens and the  drive unit starts to rotate two stainless steel brushes which sweep the inner surface of the cylindrical screen. The particles trapped on the screen are dislodged by the revolving brushes and flushed out through the open exhaust valve. Service flow of filtered water is uninterrupted throughout the approximate 20 seconds cleaning process. At the end of the self-cleaning process the motor stops and the exhaust valve closes. The filter control system continues to monitor the differential pressure and when needed starts a new self-cleaning cycle. C.O.R. Filtration's automatic brush filters are useful mostly for heavy duty, heavy dirt load and coarse filtration applications ranging from 3500 to 200 micron.



  • Unique technology with self-cleaning screen and fine micron rating down to 200 micron.
  • High efficiency cleaning for high loads = > 200 micron
  • Small footprint.
  • Continuous filtration during cleaning (process not interrupted).
  • Less than 1% of flow used for self-cleaning process
  • World-wide proven technology.